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Alp-n-Rock Ski Wear

Alp-n-Rock’s jacketsand tops for both men and women are lightweight, breathable, and soft. They’re designed with movement in mind. Perfect for traveling, from the Swiss Alps to the snowy Aspen slopes.

If you’re going on a skiing, snowboarding, or hiking trip somewhere cold, Alp-n-Rock may just be what you need for your trip. Loyal customers praise the brand as having the “perfect jacket” because it is “packable and light yet warm.” Indeed, one of the best features of Alp-n-Rock clothing is providing warmth without the weight or the bulk. For this very reason, and the fact that the jackets and tops are slim in fit, they make for a great base piece, allowing you to layer on more pieces of clothing for extra warmth.

Apart from functionality, Alp-n-Rock clothes also boast a stylish aesthetic. From their beautiful Henley shirts with intricately embroidered long sleeves to their chic jackets with beautiful and classy designs, practicality meets beauty in the clothing brand’s collections.

Find timeless and unique pieces of clothing, perfect for your skiing trip, from Alp-n-Rock.



The Alp-n-Rock Brand

The idea of Alp-n-Rock was born as founder Susanne Reich took in the scene of mountains and wildflowers after an afternoon hike in Zermatt, Switzerland. The summertime glow of a European hillside, alive with rustling grasses, babbling streams, and chirping crickets, inspired creativity within her.

She wanted to channel the feeling of freedom and pure joy she got from taking in that view and incorporate it into a clothing collection. So, she rolled up her sleeves, sketched, and got to work. Now, Alp-n-Rock is a continuously-growing brand, dedicated to creating innovative clothing that combines fashion and functionality.

Apart from that, Alp-n-Rock loves to give back. The company donates 10 percent of its profits to the Room to Read Foundation, which helps send girls from developing countries to school. So, for every piece of Alp-n-Rock clothing you buy, you also become a significant part of giving young women the timeless gift of education.

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