How Often Should I Restring My Tennis Racquet?

Posted by Pedigree | 02.28.2017

How many times a year should I restring?


The simple answer is to restring the same number of times per year as you play per week.  So if you play four times per week, you should restring four times per year.  The United States Racquet Stringers Association recommends restringing your racquet at least twice per year.


When should you restring?


Most recreational players restring anywhere from every three or four times they play to once a year or until the strings break!  The pros restring every day.  This frequent restringing tells us something:  string-especially fresh string-matters a lot.  Tension loss is the only physically significant process impacting your racquet and string wear, except when you toss it after a bad shot - so don't do that either!    


Also, very important, do not leave your racquet in the hot car or trunk after playing!  The extreme heat will be very detrimental to your racquet.

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