What Should I Do With My Skis and Board in the Summer?

Posted by Pedigree | 02.01.2017

So, the snow is gone and the lifts have stopped.  But those are no reasons to forget about your skis and board. Storing your equipment properly in the Summer can help make them last much longer.  When thinking about where to put them, consider this:  Attic?  Nope - too hot. Garage?  Nah - probably too hot.  Basement?  Maybe, if there is a carpet and a flat screen TV down there.  


The best place to store your equipment in the off season is in a temperature controlled environment.  Your bedroom, a closet or even under your bed.  


Get your equipment waxed before you store them away for the Summer.  The wax creates a great protective barrier and helps keep the moisture in the bases and keeps the edges from getting rusty and gross.


Pedigree can take care of all your tuning needs no matter what time of year.  


Treat your skis and boards well and they will last much longer!

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