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Make a Luxurious Fashion Statement with Toni Sailer

Pedigree Ski Shop has made it our mission to make top-grade skiwear and snowboarding outfits available to everyone. We look for the best clothing collections so you and your entire family have fun on the slopes, in safety, comfort, and style. Check out our selection of jackets, trousers, layers, and knitwear from the Toni Sailer brand.

Toni Sailer ski jacketsare not like any others. The fashion ski wear brand stays true to the image and essence of retired alpine ski racer Anton Engelbert Sailer.  The renowned Austrian skier won three gold medals in the 1956 Olympic Winter Games and moved on to his other passions after fulfilling his athletic goals and cementing his legendary status. Known for his style on the slopes, Sailer eventually established a premium ski clothing brand.

Now, the Toni Sailer brand is famous for high-technology ski clothing that features superior craftsmanship, ergonomic tailoring, and meticulous details. Every piece of clothing that comes out of the clothing brand’s production line undergoes an intensive process of design deliberation and material selection. As a result, every collection presented by the brand upholds the benchmark of fashionable and functional skiwear.


Toni Sailer Combines Luxury and Fashion

Nobody sets the standards higher than Toni Sailer. The premium skiwear brand designs figure-flattering cuts and uses high-performance stretch materials to create timeless outfits on the slopes. It takes pride in technologically advanced ski wear that features retro-elements from the founder’s era of ski fashion.

The Toni Sailer team upholds first class production and incorporates passion for fashion in every article of clothing it produces. The team first sits down for a thorough conceptualization of timeless ski wear design. Then, using only the highest quality materials, it pays close attention to the production process, inspects every little detail during the testing process, and pulls out all the stops during the development phase. As such, Toni Sailer ski wear for salecan take hours to complete — and the proof of those hours is in every piece of top-quality clothing.

Whether you are looking for men’s or women’s ski jackets, Toni Sailerhas something for you. Bring your elegance to the slopes by wearing durable skiwear in timeless designs.


Get These Fashionable Items from Pedigree Ski Shop

Pedigree Ski Shop has thrived for over 50 years because we remain loyal to the family mentality. We look for the most comfortable and fashionable skiwear for every member of the family, from the three-year-old twins who are keen on playing in the snow to the 60-year-old family matriarch who can navigate the slopes as well as she can keep the entire family in line. Additionally, we express our love of outdoor sports through quality ski gear.

Check out our selection of luxurious Toni Sailer skiwear for sale, today.

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