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Obermeyer Kids Sale

Looking for the best mountain inspired Men's, Women's, and Children's ski wear? From technical jackets to high fashion, Obermeyer is the industry leader.

Obermeyer's company credo includes, among other things, the belief that sports are for everyone of all ages. It's this core principle that has lead Obermeyer to become a leader in children's winter wear manufacturing. From hats to jackets and pants, Obermeyer offers a complete line of clothing for kids with the quality level you've come to expect from adult brands. Pedigree Ski Shop started out and remains a family business, and we also believe everyone in the family should have access to high-quality, innovative ski wear. That's why we're proud to be able to offer our customer Obermeyer products, so that no one in your household is left out in the cold when it comes their winter wear.

Klaus Obermeyer: A Winter Legend

Klaus Obermeyer is a legend in his own right, with his enthusiasm and dedication to winter sports almost as well-known as his brand. He was born in 1919 in Oberstaufen, Germany, and very quickly developed a love for rock climbing, racing, jumping and mountaineering. In 1947, Klaus came to Aspen, Colorado to join his friend, Friedl Pfeiffer, who had just opened the Aspen Ski School. Klaus spent the next 12 years working as a ski instructor in the Aspen area, and in the course of his days, realized the ski wear available wasn't good enough to allow people to stay out on the slopes for long periods of time. Skiers need to be warm and comfortable to stay outside in frigid temperatures, and Klaus noticed that the clothes his students had were not up to the job.

He started Sport Obermeyer in the attic of his home to full the need for better skiwear and gear, creating down ski parkas by hand, with items like wind-shirts and performance sunglasses to follow. In 1961, Klaus was able to open his first warehouse in Aspen, and the innovations have since continued. For his field contributions, he was inducted in the U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in the late 1990s.

Obermeyer Kids

There's no reason to leave your children out of winter activities, especially considering how much joy they often get from them. Plus, it's only natural to want to share things you enjoy with your children for a great family experience. But it can be hard to find children's winter wear of the same quality and with the technology found in adult lines. Luckily, Pedigree Ski Shop offers the children's line of Obermeyer clothing, so your kids receive the very best in outdoor winter wear for their safety and comfort.

The Obermeyer line has products for both boys and girls that feature the latest in winter apparel technology, in colors and styles that will appeal to their sense of fashion and make them excited about the clothing. The Rebel Jacket has HydroBlock® Sport waterproof coating that is breathable and a DuroGuard water-resistant finish, while the Sara Jacket for girls also has HydroBlock Sport and Permaloft insulation.

Obermeyer Kids also offers hats, including the super-soft acrylic beanie-style Cece and the longer Traverse. Whether your children are looking for long, warm and water-resistant cargo pants like the Carve or a bib-style like the Surface, this brand has you covered. At Pedigree Ski Shop, we're committed to bringing together the very best winter apparel for the whole family under one roof. Our online portal connects you with the top ski, sport and winter brands in the industry, and our experienced staff is here and ready to help you with whatever we can. Check out our selection today, and find just what you need for your entire family.

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