Need topnotch ski wear for your next trip to the slopes? Pedigree Ski Shop is the name you can trust. For over 50 years, we have built an impressive inventory of ski gear and clothing. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new ski jacket or pants, you’ll likely find a variety of options in our collection. We’ve streamlined the buying process for you. You can order online and wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep. You can also visit one of our multiple locations across New York and Connecticut. Our staff will be ready to help you shop for the equipment or apparel perfect for your needs — and offer you a few helpful skiing tips, too. 

At Pedigree Ski Shop, we want nothing but a great skiing experience for you. Apart from our massive collection, easyshopping process, and attentive staff, we also take pride in the brands we carry. We only offer brands that share our passion for helping customers have an exciting, hassle-free day on the slopes. 

One of such brands is Mountain Force, a name synonymous to precision apparel on the mountain. Be it a pair of ski pants, a ski shirt or jacket, Mountain Force clothing will make it easy for you to ski freely.

Mountain Force Ski Wear

Since its inception, Mountain Force has combined the highest functionality with modern design to make ski wear that offers both precision and luxury. It developed the 12-Way stretch functionality, providing a new, exciting way to meet the demand for comfort and mobility on the slopes. 

Going beyond the standard 4-Way stretch, Mountain Force ensures flexibility in every part of the garment. Each layer, including the lining and insulating material, is incredibly elastic and tear resistant. The brand also makes sure that the padding’s flexibility is superior by using premium-quality materials. 

The 12-Way stretch innovation adds up to the Mountain Force’s formula for precision apparel on the Alps. See our collection and find ski jackets and pants from that’ll elevate your performance on your next ski trip. 

The Mountain Force Brand

With a focus on delivering precision apparel, the Mountain Force brand ensures top quality. It takes pride in its craftsmanship. Every pattern is constructed and perfected by hand. A single Mountain Force ski jacket consists of around 350 individual elements, built together in about 1,500 steps. 

The Mountain Force brand also carries out an equally superior manufacturing process. Its impressive work is evident in the careful implementation of even the smallest details. It combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest manual accuracy to deliver precision — the hallmark of Mountain Force ski wear. 

Experience the Mountain Force precision. Shop for your Mountain Force ski jacket or pantst oday. 

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