About Us

If anyone were to ask what has been the secret to the long lasting success of Pedigree Ski Shop, the answer would be "a family mentality."  


In 1962, Pedigree Ski Shop was born out of the dreams and inspirations of John Fuerst and his wife, Jay, to turn their beloved sport of skiing into a profession.  Now, more than 50 years later, their five children have continued to raise this store into what has become the best shop carrying skis, snowboards, tennis gear, swim gear, and skateboards.  In fact, Pedigree has become so successful that it has grown into four equally outstanding stores.


Pedigree's employees share a genuine love and enthusiasm for these active outdoor sports, and are more than eager to pass on their knowledge about these sports to their customers.  The Fuersts feel blessed to have the best employees working for them and attribute much of their past and future success to these valued members of the extended family at Pedigree.  It's vital to hire the best in the business when you carry such an extensive array of top quality merchandise.


Pedigree attempts to extend this love of outdoor sports to it's customers and to welcome them into the family atmosphere shared by these sports enthusiasts.