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Giro Collection

Pedigree Ski Shop is all about creating safe, fun, and fuss-free skiing experiences for individuals and families.   As a brand that has been around since the 60s, we’ve seen the skiing landscape evolve. We know that safety requirements change with the times, and brands respond to this by integrating advanced safety features into their products and offerings.     To help us fulfill our mission, which is to bring you top-grade products that enhance your skiing experience, we partner with the most trusted brands in ski gear. One of these brands is Giro.     Giro ski helmets set the gold standard in the industry. Founded in 1985, Giro specializes in developing ski gear that promotes safety while allowing wearers to enjoy the ride to the fullest.     Pedigree Ski Shop carries an impressive selection of Giro products. Check our catalog for Giro ski goggles, helmets, and more.

The Giro Story

Giro was founded in Santa Cruz, California more than 30 years ago. Jim Gentes, its founder, is a man with a passion for answering unmet needs. This passion paved the way to the creation of products that serve riders through advanced performance and personal expression.     The brand developed the first lightweight, high-performance cycling and snowsports helmets. Today, they still offer products that stirs the feeling of independence and freedom that riding usually comes with.     As an industry leader, Giro is in the forefront of the development of modern designs, fit, and engineering of products and gear that complement the body. Giro is, as it always has been, providing products that empower adventure seekers to relentlessly push forward and do things that most people won’t even consider.

Browse through Our Giro Collection

If there’s one thing you should know about Pedigree Ski Shop, it’s that we don’t offer substandard products. All of the items in our product portfolio are world-class. And when choosing the items to fill up our stock, we don’t simply go for what’s fashionable at the moment. We choose products that will enhance your skiing experience with utmost comfort and safety.     Giro is one of the brands we trust. Whether you’re looking for a high-performance Giro MIPS ski helmet or ski goggles, we are confident that you can find exactly what you need at Pedigree Ski Shop.     What’s more, shopping for ski gear is a lot easier with us. Simply choose from our robust catalog, add the item to your cart, settle the payment, and wait for it to be delivered to your location.     If you feel like looking at the items in person and getting a feel of the material, we invite you to visit our shops in New York and Connecticut. And feel free to chat with our expert staff – ask them about the best gear for your adventure, for skiing tips or anything skiing-related.  
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The Complete Giro Line

It doesn't matter if you're going on your first ski trip or taking on advanced slopes - no matter the challenge ahead of you, Giro offers heavy-duty helmets to keep you safe, day in and day out. Pedigree Ski Shop helps you enjoy a worry-free ski holiday by carrying Giro's complete collection.

Giro Range

Featuring innovative technology such as the Conform Fit, the Giro Range offers the best possible fit for a ski or snowboard helmet. In the event of an impact, this technology creates a slip plane that lets the helmet’s shell to rotate around the head for protection against impact. The Giro Range helmet is the ideal choice for aggressive skiers.

Giro Lusi

The Giro Lusi Goggles are your ideal companion on both sunlit backcountry adventures and deep powder days. These googles offer more than just style - they integrate the high-end optics of VIVID lenses. This technology, developed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, provides the enhanced definition and contrast you need to slash by with precision.

Giro Union

The Giro Union MIPS Helmet is loaded with features that enhance your safety and comfort. The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) protects you against angled impacts and reduces rotational forces. Meanwhile, the Form 2 Fit technology delivers snug fit and the XT2 anti-odor treatment fights unpleasant odor. With an adjustable system and multiple vents, overheating should never be a problem.

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