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Nordica Collection

Since 1962, Pedigree Ski Shop has been the go-to partner for ski enthusiasts looking to make their ski holiday as fuss-free as possible. We carry an impressive selection of ski and snowboard gear, clothing, and accessories from high-end skis, comfortable ski jackets, high-performance ski boots, and other complementary accessories such as hats, gloves, goggles, and more. Pedigree Ski Shop has a rock solid reputation for providing exemplary customer service. If you are having a hard time selecting between two products or brands, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are passionate about skiing and snowboarding ourselves, and you can count on us for expert advice. Our product portfolio features some of the most trusted brands in the industry, including Nordica, the brand preferred by the world’s top ski racing competitors.

Nordica Ski Boots

Nordica snow boots and ski boots are known for delivering unparalleled performance and comfort. With its innovative designs, Nordica takes the skiing experience to the next level and even helps boost the wearer’s performance on the mountains. While it is the brand of choice for many pros, the brand also creates ski boots for any size and ability level. Whether you’re just starting out at skiing or you’ve been hitting the slopes for decades, you’ll never have a hard time finding a Nordica pair that can meet your needs, assist your performance, and provide utmost comfort. We have expanded our inventory to include other products by the quality brand. We now carry Nordica women’s skis and Nordica ski jackets to cater to more customers looking for high-quality ski gear.

The Nordica Brand

With a heritage that goes back 75 years and an unsurpassed commitment to quality, NORDICA skis and boots provide every skier at every level the performance and comfort they are looking for. Everything we design starts with the understanding that the final product will perform better, fit more comfortably, and enhance the skiing experience more than any other product on the market.
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The Humble Beginnings of Nordica

Oddone and Adriano Vaccari first established the company in 1939. During this time, they started producing casual footwear for their customers. After the Second World War, they began making ski boots - particularly climbing shoes and cross-country ski boots. These products, however, were seasonal and not always on sale.

A few years later, Nordica earned a reputation for coming up with a winning ski boot. Zeno Colo, a renowned skier, became a giant slalom and downhill skiing world champion while wearing the ski boots made by Nordica. By the 70s, Nordica had become a flourishing ski clothing company. It was selling a massive two million pairs of ski boots and shoes annually.

Today, the company continues to provide ski clothing that fits comfortably and improves an individual's skiing experience.

Ski Boots for All

You'll find an assortment of Nordica ski shoes for men, as well as quality ski Nordica boots for women. The company's ski products are ideal for both skiing professionals and skiers in all skill levels. Whether you're an expert in skiing, a beginner in the slopes, or somewhere in between, you can get a boot that matches your needs, preferences, and style. You will never have a difficult time obtaining a pair of ski boots that deliver exceptional comfort and performance.

Browse our full range of Nordica ski boots at our online store.

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