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The Patagonia Collection

The Patagonia Collection

Looking for the latest and best ski and snowboard equipment has never been easier. Pedigree Ski Shop grants you access to a wide and varied selection of garments and accessories for winter and water sports enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and skill levels. We bring together jackets, pants, footwear, snowboards, skis, and everything else from the best global brands into a single online store. We’re proud to present an abundance of quality choices every time you visit our shop.  

Patagonia is one of the brands we trust and adore. 


Patagonia Ski Wear

One look at a Patagonia jacketor pants would tell you that it’s made of the highest quality materials and designed by masters of the craft. The brand seamlessly combines function and style, creating winter and swimwear that’s as high-performance as it is fashionable. Key to its designs is an unparalleled simplicity and utility, where function dictates the form. Most of its offers are crafted especially for high-output activities, from a Patagonia men’s down sweater jacket to a pair of Patagonia toddler pants.

Comfort is crucial, as well. The brand recognizes that winter and water sports are for everyone, so it creates garments that are neither stuffy nor loose. It has a fit that’s cozy enough for both a beginner and a pro. Its sturdy footwear amply supports the wearer, and its fleece garments provide adequate warmth, even to those unaccustomed to snow.

The final looks are never compromised. The brand has built a name for gorgeous winter ensembles, gracing the photographs of the US’s most stylish. While neutrals are the conventional winter wear colors, Patagonia isn’t afraid to throw in bright hues to its clothes, creating trendy and playful pieces that suit the taste of a new generation of skiers, snowboarders, and swimmers.


The Patagonia Brand

The strong ethos of Patagonia is what draws many water and winter sports enthusiasts to its doors. 

It began as a humble company that created tools for climbers. Through its team’s skill and passion for the outdoors, the small business became a leader in outdoor wear sales for men, women, and kids. Patagonia revels in silent sports — skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, trail running, and paddling. Although none draw wild crowds or use motors, these sports thrive on and celebrate the connection between man and nature.

From the very beginning, Patagonia has patronized the protection of the environment and advocated respect for all life on earth. Its business activities reflect this principle — Patagonia products are especially durable because, if the sales of men’s jackets last for years, it helps reduce waste, consumption, and the brand’s ecological impact. Making the best products, according to Patagonia, is one step towards saving the planet. The brand continues to use its influence in defense of nature.


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